Stained : Wall Sliding Game Level

Wall sliding is something we really love to do in a game, whether it is in Prince in Persia sliding down to the floor following those sliding indicators or our lovely meat boy sliding up and down the levels. We were really excited to start on the wall sliding level in Stained (game) and then play it.

This was the first room we were modeling for wall sliding and wall-jumping. Of course it is a kind of tutorial chapter in the game, so we created a layout for the level as shown in the image, there was prominent places where player can slide and ledge, where he can stand and think a bit before he starts sliding and jumping again.

Modeling (The actual work)

Stained is a side-scrolling game so while modeling this level we were thinking of a tower in a castle where this all will take place. An old tower! Sometimes a word is sufficient to describe a long story, isn't it? For sliding regions we had to select the proper texture which will act as an indicator later on in the game. So after collecting and preparing our texture we started modeling the 3D mesh.

First Draft: (Never looks good) :

So we modeled this in blender, not a big deal - textured it with some nice textures, and lighted it with blender lights. We created a light map in blender and then exported that to the engine. This light map helps the shader to influence the dark and lighted regions. After modeling, we exported the map with all properties (the wall which allows sliding has wall sliding property) and now ready to visualize this in the game.

Final Picture:

Now it is looking better. First thing we will do is slide on the walls and enjoy the wall sliding. Well after enough wall sliding, we realized that there is some optimization required for normal maps, and also there is some scope to improve the look & feel. We are happy to share our work in progress 'screens' here.

Finally some water at the bottom, Skybox definitely need some work. Well, We are going to end this here and post the final pictures when we are done.

Thanks from RealAxis. Signing out.