GameZone : New Stained screens surface, show off levels and glass enemies

"I previewed Stained ealier this month, and I have to say everything looks cleaner, clearer, crisper, and just more polished. The game is starting to look more complete with every new update from the devs, and I'm pretty excited to get my hands on it once it's complete". view fu

IGM : Game Play Trailer News

"developer RealAxis Software first announced Stained back in January of 2012; the developer had also slated an early 2012 release date, but you know how these things go. The silence with the public!". view full post:

Stained gamezone preview

"Stained delivers a nice combination of action and platforming, and I never found myself getting bored doing the same thing over and over again". view full post:

Do gaming stained preview

"Stained is much more than a conventional side-scrolling game"

Nightmaremode stained preview

"Shards Of Pretty, Broken Glass: Stained Impressions"

Stained: Level Editing Video news on Blendernation

"Stained: Level Editing Video"

Gamezebo writes about stained

"Stained looks to shatter platformer predictability"

Stained First Look Trailer :Gametrailers

"Decide your fate by breaking as many correct pieces of stained glass as you can"

Stained Very First Gameplay Trailer - CinemaBlend

"Stained Very First Gameplay Trailer"

Stained First look trailer launch :Indiegames

"Trailer: Stained (RealAxis Software)"