Stained - First update after many weeks !

Last few weeks (almost 2 month i guess) were really busy here at RealAxis. Let me explain what were up to all this time. First of all we worked out some of the main game play elements in stained and completed most of the critical levels. We worked out some more innovative ways of breaking stained glass window, a lots of stained glass enemies and few more interesting things.

One of the most important game play mechanics in stained is shattering the stained glass. Initially we thought to just have one breaking effect like you hit the glass and it is broken but later we realize in order to make it more fun we must also incorporate more way of breaking stained glass window so we implemented a "Tuning Fork" which can generate a sound waves capable of shattering a glass.

Total number of Stained glass monsters in the game are now in two digits, a whole new bunch of monsters are scripted and added to the game. A few old monsters were even re-factored appropriately. One of the most challenging part was building a NPC logic, as each one of them has different attack abilities it requires separate configuration for each of them.

Having said all of the above things, we are now going to start making regular updates and soon launch our first promo video.