Humble Request

I woke up today a little late and while my coffee was brewing i decided to take a look at the google analytic for stained website. Generally visitors count stays in a range of 40 to 50 or if some press release is out then the count shoots upto 100. So far the highest count as i remember was 500+

Today was different, when I opened the analytic application the counter was telling me it is 6000+ for past 2 days. I was shocked!

I started investigating what has boosted the views and it took me longer to find out that the internet is flooding with pirated copies of stained. So many people visiting the websites and watching videos related to stained was a good sign which all turns into a great disappointment.

I just have to say one thing if you are playing a pirated version of stained, "Please don't do it".

It is really hard to survive as a indie developer, and we are just making a honest effort. Please support us by purchasing the stained copy from desura, impulse or raindg. If you can't afford $9.99 please wait for the sale.