Stained Level Creation Process

Stained level design tools are built with an extremely popular open-source modeling tool "Blender". The level design tools will be released along with the game, which is scheduled to hit the market this year. The level design tools will enable the players to design and build thei

Stained Public Demo : v 1.1

Download Stained Demo, This is updated demo. Note: You can also change the controls by manually editing the controls.cfg file which is located in config directory. (config directory is present in the installed directory of game.) If you have older version of stained install

Humble Request

I woke up today a little late and while my coffee was brewing i decided to take a look at the google analytic for stained website. Generally visitors count stays in a range of 40 to 50 or if some press release is out then the count shoots upto 100. So far the highest count as i r

Green Light & Next Step

So we are very excited to finally see the green lit, so now what? Now, With this new energy we will add few more things into the game (To be disclosed very soon!) and fix remaining bugs that has been pointed by few reviewers and player to make it full proof before launch on stea

Stained - First update after many weeks !

Last few weeks (almost 2 month i guess) were really busy here at RealAxis. Let me explain what were up to all this time. First of all we worked out some of the main game play elements in stained and completed most of the critical levels. We worked out some more innovative ways of

Stained : Wall Sliding Game Level

Wall sliding is something we really love to do in a game, whether it is in Prince in Persia sliding down to the floor following those sliding indicators or our lovely meat boy sliding up and down the levels. We were really excited to start on the wall sliding level in Stained (g