Stained Public Demo : v 1.1

Download Stained Demo here, This is updated demo.

Installation is straight forward and readme file will tell you all required information. Readme file will be in the same directory where the game is installed.

Report the bugs here:

Look forward to know your suggestions.

You can also change the controls by manually editing the controls.cfg file which is located in config directory. (config directory is present in the installed directory of game.) If you have older version of stained installed please remove it completely before installing this new version.

Please visit this link if you are playing stained first time :

Thanks for testing Stained, Stained is in the beta phase right now.We appreciate your valuable feedback, constructive criticism and comments, please send your suggestions to: admin [at the rate]
We are still testing on a range of computers, and we would be grateful if you could send us your system specifications along with any comments.
RealAxis software is an indie game development studio and Stained is our first title. Our aim is to make fun and entertaining games.