Getting Social

One of the major reason why stained is lingering around on steam greenlight for so long is lack of our ability to market the game. I have been so naive about this whole social media marketing stuff! I have never paid attention to the technical or more appropriately the statistical details of this new world of marketing.

So, writing a blog and press releases is not enough!
We need to continuously online and be social about our product. Having said that It is difficult for somebody like me do it in a right way. So after failing for almost a year I tried to learn the process in more detail and looks like it helped.

First thing first facebook has been the epitome of social media marketing so I started being more active on it posting news, videos (almost everything that could interest the user). Getting facebook likes would be difficult from ground up so one might consider buying a likes from

A Continuous tweets and constantly bringing things about the game into the notice of my audience is a key. That is what I learned.

The process is still on now we are in a top 100 on greenlight. Hope to get it lighted very soon!