Final Dev Blog Before Release

You might be wondering what is taking us so long? Then My polite answer will be testing. From last few weeks we are just testing the game, fixing the defects testing it again and so on...Also there were some tweaks we have adopted in the game play found during the testing.

This was the phase in our game development that i (as a developer) enjoyed most. Game has evolved in this phase a lot. There are really a lot of possibilities to do things differently now. I honestly feel that the whole potential of this game is not yet tapped, and we can do a lot of innovation in DLC. Well partly that should also come from our community so there the level editing scripts (in blender) will help. I hope that you are aware by now that the levels for stained can be built in blender.

Some important usability related features are also added such as resolution selection (we now find it based on your monitor), trouble shooting methods, and some more config options.

So we are going to again look at the full game on this weekend, and then the installer will be submitted to impulse and desura and game will be out next week or during the next weekend, depending upon how quickly the builds get approved. Along with that we will also follow up with steam greenlight and see where it goes.

See you soon again.