Report 12/07/12

I was away for a little while (due to some personal reason) that's why there was no progress report since last two weeks and the game-play trailer is also keeping me very busy lately it is coming along nicely though except the sound everything is almost(?) done. Hoping that it will get release this week.

With every passing week we are tweaking the game play in some of the levels and it is becoming really interesting. For example you can now unlock things from the tangram-like puzzler which will interact with the NPC's. I won't spoil the game by discussing secrets however here is the logical flow. As you play game you collect the glass shards on the way which are then available in the inventory and you can use them to solve the tangram-like puzzle. Once the puzzle is solve you can unlock that object and depending on the property of that object it will play it;s role in the game.

You might be wondering why I am calling it tangram like puzzler? Our puzzles are inspired by tangram and they don't follow the exact rules of the tangram puzzles. For instance in our editor you have more pieces than available in the traditional tangram puzzler, you also have some special pieces which are never seen in the old tangram.

The Final boss battle is also coming well. The final bosses are showing their moves. The game has become something that I will play many years from now and hope you will also do the same once it is available.