Progress Report Second Week of June 2012

I am realizing now last week was like we were all sitting in a non-moving car, as I really don't have a any solid progress points.

Here is a recap, We started testing the new character and it turns out that there were few changes needed in the animation and those few changes took us a week, still he is not completely done. Hoping to finish him next week.

Finalized the game story! putting it all together in proper words was really challenging but we did well (can be found on forum).

Did some minor tweaks to the game play and worked out a smooth game flow, Also got bloom working in all maps it is doing wonder to the glass monsters (the glass shader and bloom kind of merging in very well) but our god rays are burnt out. Need to fix that part.

The spawn point (where the game going to start) is getting modelled and good progress on that.

Starting to work on the intro video now and also game play video is on the list, too much to do so little time..

See you soon with some good progress