Progress Report First Week of June 2012


  • the new character is showing his moves in game.
  • We got our forum
  • And there was some progress on the game play video

What a new character now? .. let me explain
When we launched our first trailer (which was basically created from the alpha build of stained) we got so many comment on the character movement some body said it is too idle and we personally felt that the character need improvement after all it was our first character and we knew there will be a iteration to improve it. Consideration the amount of time require to revamp the character we were delaying it and thinking well it will be fine? but it was not. So finally (see again he is there) we got our new character up and running in the game.

When I first saw him in the game my eyes were not able to believe some other guy taking the position of my old dude but after a while i started to like him.. Well so here is our new dude. Please welcome him guys. I am sure after watching the new gameplay trailer you all will say, that was worth an effort.