Dev Blog : Visual Feature

Today we just wrapped up one visual feature in stained and thought to share it with you all. Visual feature is something that help us improve the visuals/graphics side of the game. We were trying to create some kind of an indicator which helps the player to understand what are the different possibilities at this particular state, and we started with stained windows. In this game windows are integral part of the gameplay. When the player is in range of a window it means he/she can shatter or break the window, we wanted to highlight that particular window, so we started with adding a glow to it as a first step. Later on we have added a nice 'rays' effect to the window (see the side pic) which improved the look to some extent.

In real life the stained windows will generally reflect a colour shadows when light rays pass through it, to achive this effect we used a decal technique to get a nice shadow using pre-rendered images. This is how the effect finally looks.