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Final Character

Last few weeks we were busy working on our final game character. We made significant changes to the look and animation of the character.

Now the our dude looks more live in the game. In the next video (which is due in few days ) we will feature our characters and his moves.

Image :

Game Progress ..

One more busy week is over, but last week was little different. We published the first trailer of stained and also did a first press release. Trailer looks good, with little sound defects. (As mentioned here

Trailer had some really cool surround/stereo effect, not sure how many viewer really enjoyed that. It will make more sense from next time to not use any fancy technique in synthesizer so that all sound can be heard with mono speaker.

Dev Blog : Visual Feature

Today we just wrapped up one visual feature in stained and thought to share it with you all. Visual feature is something that help us improve the visuals/graphics side of the game. We were trying to create some kind of an indicator which helps the player to understand what are the different possibilities at this particular state, and we started with stained windows. In this game windows are integral part of the gameplay. When the player is in range of a window it means he/she can shatter or break the window, we wanted to highlight that particular window, so we started with adding a glow to it as a first step. Later on we have added a nice 'rays' effect to the window (see the side pic) which improved the look to some extent.

Stained - First update after many weeks !

Last few weeks (almost 2 month i guess) were really busy here at RealAxis. Let me explain what were up to all this time. First of all we worked out some of the main game play elements in stained and completed most of the critical levels. We worked out some more innovative ways of breaking stained glass window, a lots of stained glass enemies and few more interesting things.

Stained : Wall Sliding Game Level

Wall sliding is something we really love to do in a game, whether it is in Prince in Persia sliding down to the floor following those sliding indicators or our lovely meat boy sliding up and down the levels.  We were really excited to start on the wall sliding level in Stained (game) and then play it.

 Concept Art (The heart of 3d model)

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