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Report 06/08/12

I am back with one more report. In last two weeks I was mostly busy preparing a game play trailer video and publishing it to various website. Now that is over I am free to share some of the recent development in stained.

First and Most Important is Stained now support gamepad. Control Options: Supports both mouse/keyboard and Xbox 360 gamepad.

Secondly a hard mode is added to the game. So now we can play the game in two mode and trust me it will be completely different experience.

Progress Report 21/07/12

Last week we spent most of the time on character animations. Tweaking the existing set and addition of some more blends to the existing set was on list. Prior to this we improved the look of our character (last weeks blog), with this current improvement the character is looking and feeling very adorable. Character is really the center point of the game so all of this extra effort we put into the character look improvement would be worth it! (we believe)

Game Look Evolution

As the Game is progressing internally (game play viz) we are also doing some fixes and tweaks to the graphics of the game and this week we made a big leap ahead in that department so this weeks blog goes to the look of the game..

Initially our game world was made of just plain textures and coloured light map. It was last year when we discovered how to generate light maps in blender suitable to use in the engine. At that time we thought this is the biggest discovery we have made :)

Light Map Generation In Blender

Report 12/07/12

I was away for a little while (due to some personal reason) that's why there was no progress report since last two weeks and the game-play trailer is also keeping me very busy lately it is coming along nicely though except the sound everything is almost(?) done. Hoping that it will get release this week.

Progress Report 25/06/12

Last week was about the In-game Tangram editor. Breaking windows in stained is very obvious task, which litters the ground with glass shards. The player will now be able to collect this shards to solve the tangram puzzle and unlock stuff.

If you are not aware about tangram then look here

here is the in-game screen-shot, and I will come back with more stuff very soon.

Stained Tangram In-Game Editor

Progress Report 18/06/12

Last week was about the cut scenes in the game. There are places where the story is explained to the player in the form of cut scenes or tapestries. Having a mechanism to play video at will and then resume the game was on the list from many days which got in place last week.

Stained Props, was another good thing happened to the game recently. Now there are many different props in the game having a stained shader.

Progress Report Second Week of June 2012

I am realizing now last week was like we were all sitting in a non-moving car, as I really don't have a any solid progress points.

Here is a recap, We started testing the new character and it turns out that there were few changes needed in the animation and those few changes took us a week, still he is not completely done. Hoping to finish him next week.

Finalized the game story! putting it all together in proper words was really challenging but we did well (can be found on forum).

Progress Report First Week of June 2012


  • the new character is showing his moves in game.
  • We got our forum
  • And there was some progress on the game play video

What a new character now? .. let me explain

Another Progress Report

Finally (there is no finally in C++ as oppose to java but apparently it is getting used a lot) all of the stained maps are in game. We played the complete game from start till the end many times this week (let me make a note : last week of May 2012) and feeling good about it. Except few problem in some places it went very well.

What next? you may ask so we have a feeling that some puzzle requires tweaks and modification, some maps still need one more layer of polish etc.. It means another few weeks of development.

Stained Level Creation Process

Stained level design tools are built with an extremely popular open-source modeling tool "Blender". The level design tools will be released along with the game, which is scheduled to hit the market this year. The level design tools will enable the players to design and build their own maps right inside the modeling software Blender.

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