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Green Light & Next Step

So we are very excited to finally see the green lit, so now what?

Now, With this new energy we will add few more things into the game (To be disclosed very soon!) and fix remaining bugs that has been pointed by few reviewers and player to make it full proof before launch on steam.

As already promised, Will bring the Mac and Linux build in very near future.

Thanks for support & it is really feeling good.


Just Got Greenlit

Finally I could see the green colors on this page. It took us almost 1 and half year to crawl our way out. The simple reason for that was not enough marketing skills and zero budget to hire a good marketing guy who can keep the fire burning for you all the time.

Any ways those days are over I can launch the game and will keep myself available for community support.

Since the first launch on Desura, I have received lot of feedback from players and reviewers based on that there are many improvements I have done.

Ranked #7 On Greenlight Now

Currently The game is Ranked 7, I should be excited but feels none. Although the chances of getting selected in the next batch is high but I doubt whether that will happen.

(March) Last month after one batch of 75 games got green lighted, Stained was in top 100, slowly slipped into 99% as the week progressed.

After another batch of 75 it got a desired #50 rank and was hanging around it for last few weeks. I was hoping it will get green lighted in the next batch but to my surprise the next batch of 75 title did not include stained.

Getting Social

One of the major reason why stained is lingering around on steam greenlight for so long is lack of our ability to market the game. I have been so naive about this whole social media marketing stuff! I have never paid attention to the technical or more appropriately the statistical details of this new world of marketing.

So, writing a blog and press releases is not enough!

Stained Update : 1.1

Since the release of the version 1.0 in October 2012, we have been hearing suggestions and critics about the game from users and reviewers. One major thing
which everybody suggested was a way to configure custom controls. Most player suggested that it is hard to control the characters with the fix controls provided with the game. Some other suggestions were music incompatibility, and about in-game messages.

So here we are with this update to stained, which will add following functionality to the game.

  • Interface to configure your custom controls

Humble Request

I woke up today a little late and while my coffee was brewing i decided to take a look at the google analytic for stained website. Generally visitors count stays in a range of 40 to 50 or if some press release is out then the count shoots upto 100. So far the highest count as i remember was 500+

Today was different, when I opened the analytic application the counter was telling me it is 6000+ for past 2 days. I was shocked!

Post Release

So Finally we are up on Impulse and Desura. One major flaw that most people pointed out was a very difficult combat. May be we were playing it for long time so never realized that it is going to be difficult for beginners. So first main patch has gone which will add easier combat level, more on it here :

Last few days was all about uploading files and making sure that the game works using the client software. Next few days we are going to follow up with the community and proactively work on the defects or suggestions.

Final Dev Blog Before Release

You might be wondering what is taking us so long? Then My polite answer will be testing. From last few weeks we are just testing the game, fixing the defects testing it again and so on...Also there were some tweaks we have adopted in the game play found during the testing.

Stained In Final Stage of Testing

Last few days we have been testing stained In & Out just to see if there is no unseen defect left in there (Not a task that everyone enjoys but it is essential one). So far we have found few and fixed the. The process will continue for this week and then in the weekend all copies will be shipped to the respective people. Reviewers/Distributor etc..

I am trilled to see that it is going to be out in a week or so. It is finally looking like a finished product, some it really gets tough and some time we can really enjoy it (I am talking about game experience).

Stained Public Demo : v 1.1

Download Stained Demo here, This is updated demo.

Installation is straight forward and readme file will tell you all required information. Readme file will be in the same directory where the game is installed.

Report the bugs here:

Look forward to know your suggestions.


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